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News Flashes!


Tours, tours, and more tours!
Nelson has wrapped up his Christmas season and is now off and running for another busy new year.  You can see him this March in Jasper on the 3rd, then Grande Prairie on the 4th.  There's some private shows and then he'll be appearing at THE COMEDY FACTORY in Edmonton March
9th, 10th and 11th.

Nelson tours coast to coast, spending most of his time performing for the corporate environment.  It's his specialty.  Corporate audiences love that rare combination of funny, yet clean.

If you can't live without him, you'd
better book him now!

Madly Off In All Directions
For those of you who missed the Madly Off In All Directions CBC radio spot,
check out the Multimedia page for audio and video clips of the insanity.


Nelson Giles has appeared on television, radio and at more comedy clubs than you can shake a stick at. Some highlights include:

  • Rough Cuts Documentary: "Standup Samurais"
  • Vancouver International Comedy Fest
  • First Annual Kelowna Comedy Festival
  • Hal!fax Comedy Festival
  • Club 54 with Ben Guyatt, the Comedy Channel
  • CBC Radio's "Madly Off In All Directions" with Lorne Eliot
  • CBC Radio Awards
  • opening for Robin Williams at Punchlines!
  • 2004 he did the New York Underground Comedy Festival

You may have heard him on a variety of zany morning shows during his 7 years as an on-air radio personality. You may have seen him perform at one of the thousands of corporate and comedy club shows he's appeared at across North America.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Nelson Giles in action, check out the Multimedia page for all your Nelson needs!