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"[Nelson Giles] gets laughs because [his] set is slick and professional, with timing that has been tooled with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker....I'll admit I'm a sucker for a good impression, and Giles gets a lot of mileage from just donning a pair of sunglasses and grinning from ear to ear."
- Stephen Cooke on Nelson Giles' kickass Jack Nicholson impression, at the Hal!fax Comedy Festival.

"I rarely personally endorse a comedian, but in Nelson's case, I do. Nelson was professional, easy to work with and most importantly, was entertaining and a crowd favorite. I strongly recommend Nelson for television, club and corporate shows."
- Ben Guyatt, Guyatt Productions, host and producer of "Comedy at Club 54"

"Nelson's participation was greatly appeciated and highly enjoyed by his audience. His Jack Nicholson impersonation was a show stopper. I look forward to his future participation."
- Wayne Specht, Artistic Director, 14th Annual Vancouver International Comedy Fest

"Your ability to keep us all in stitches throughout the one hour performance was very impressive. As Mayor and a professional entertainer for 30 years, I highly commend your act, style and delivery."
-Mayor Tom Shields, Osoyoos, BC.

"Great job Nelson. Nice fit to the evening and liked the links back to D.U"
-Murray Hampshire, Zone Manager, Boreal Forest, Ducks Unlimited.

"Nelson, you do a super show. I really enjoyed it."
-Lou Finnamore, professional speaker.

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Nelson Giles has been heard on CBC Radio's "Madly Off In All Directions" with Lorne Eliot. He has appeared on "Club 54" with Ben Guyatt as seen on the Comedy Channel.

Nelson has opened for Colin Quinn of SNL fame, Emo Philips & Robin Williams.

This Cape Breton, Nova Scotia born comic makes his home in Vancouver, BC and is not just another funny guy. Nelson has a mission statement…"Nobody Gets Hurt!" Sure there is the occasional self-loathing but Nelson doesn't do hate material of any kind. He's a clean comic with a subliminal message for the people.

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don't litter.
  3. Wash your hands regularly.

Not readily pigeon-holed Nelson's act runs the gamut from French-Canadian harmonica playing blues musician, storyteller and a very respectable Jack Nicholson impersonation as he sticks his finger in the wrong Zen rock garden.

Nelson Giles, he's killed before, he'll kill again…slaying audiences across the country for over 15 years.

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